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About Us

De Mãos Dadas Pela Vida (MPV) is a non-governmental organization with state public utility (2011). Since 2007, we have developed educational, cultural, sports and social assistance projects free of charge, especially in the Brazilian suburb of Senador Canedo, Jardim das Oliveiras and Region. Our NGO was founded on the commitment of Father Corrado Vitali, a Catholic missionary from Parma, Italy. We have the help of several professionals, most of them volunteers. We work with great affinity with the Community of Nossa Senhora Aparecida. Based on this partnership, we developed human and Christian projects and values ​​together.

We need your support!

In a network with other local associations, and with government agencies, through timely home visits and individual study of the situation of social vulnerability, we identified the main beneficiaries of the many projects that MPV offers . One of our strengths, refined over the years of experience, is being able to insert the same young person in a context of structured personal growth over several projects. In other words, the child / adolescent benefits from a network of courses, lectures, social assistance, psychological counseling, personal guidance, etc. Around the same beneficiaries, we study, together with them, case by case, the best path of personal growth and social rescue. We monitor the development at school of all young people in the projects (collecting the bimonthly school report card). These specific benefits are guaranteed by the large Distance Support (DS) project in partnership with CARITAS CHILDREN ITALIA (

Our Mission

Our commitment is based on the love that Jesus had for children. Our youth education, culture, sport and social assistance projects are the result of the passion and efforts of many people who believe in this same dream.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that to build a better world, we have to dream together with the little ones, believing in the value and potential of each one.

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