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Summer Camp

"Todo Mundo Junto"

What is the "Todo Mundo Junto" Summer Camp?

With the participation of Italian volunteers from the project “Todo Mundo Junto: Young Missionaries with Daniele Ghillani" (project designed by Daniele's parents, an Italian volunteer who was electrocuted dead in an attitude of service at the Sagrado Coração de Jesus church, on October 16, 2012). Vacation camps try, through thematic and organized games, to help participants develop and embrace Christian values (faith, trust, friendship, respect, forgiveness, etc.).

Italian volunteers assist the “Educators Group” in organizing the summer camps.

When and Where does it happen?

In the months of July (4 weeks) and January (2 weeks).

In the spaces of the Catholic communities of our region or in the sports gym at Jardim das Oliveiras.


We need your support!

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