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Distance Support

The beginning of our work:

First NGO project carried out together with the association Caritas Children (Parma - Italy) in favor of families in our sectors, who are going through a difficult time, accompanying and guiding families to improve the situation individually, identifying paths of growth and autonomy.

The beneficiary families of this project are chosen after timely home visits by the social worker who makes the individual study of the situation of economic and social vulnerability. Families are brought together in small groups once a month for a moment of ecumenical prayer and community reflection, valuing each person's life experience.

It is a time to recover self-esteem and strengthen values and bonds. The meetings are prepared by the psychologist aiming at a group therapeutic walk. We collected school reports from all the boys in the project to monitor school performance and absences. At the monthly meeting, we deliver a small basket of food and help with other small expenses (especially for medicines). About 180 families benefit from this project.

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