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OJEC - Soccer Team

What is OJEC?

OJEC is the first sports project that started in 2006 before the NGO was created! In the beginning it was just a team of few children, the court was "the ground" (below the High Voltage network) and the uniforms were still a dream ... but now we have many teams assembled and organized to allow young people ( 5 to 16 years old) demonstrate their talent and willingness to improve. Each day there is a training of the different categories, in the morning and in the afternoon to allow all children and young people to be able to participate in the training. Since April 2016, we have been using the synthetic grass field (thanking the partnership with the City Hall) in Jardim Das Oliveiras, with an increase in comfort and safety offered to players.

Being a good player means being a good person first!

We are a family owned and operated business.

We think it is very important the effect that a training done in the right way, where sportsmanship, rules and games come together, can create a way to educate children to be just men. The passion and effort of the boys who participate in the teams leaves us with great hope for the future. Our plans, in order to respond effectively to the great demand, is to increase the number of teams opening new soccer schools in several neighborhoods near Jardim das Oliveiras.

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